8 Ways AC Maintenance Keeps The Repairman Away

Your air conditioner is one of the most expensive investments in your home, and preventative maintenance plans ensure that it works throughout the hot season. Regular maintenance can help you avoid costly AC installation in Owensboro Whitesville, KY, saving you money and time in the long run.

What will a professional look for in your unit during AC maintenance service?

Inspect electrical connections

Damaged wiring and weak connections can lead to several AC issues, including complete system failure or an unexpected repair call. The professional will inspect all the electrical connections during your AC maintenance appointment to ensure that nothing is loose and everything is working correctly.

Inspection of coils

Over time, dirt accumulates on the evaporator and condenser coils. This dirt restricts airflow and insulates the coil, diminishing its ability to absorb heat. The specialist will clean your AC system and remove any debris found, allowing your unit to run more efficiently and last longer.

Worn parts

Motors, blowers, belts, and other similar elements can wear out, and you may not notice until they begin to fail. During preventative maintenance, your AC professional inspects and repairs them before they become serious problems and hinder the entire system’s ability to perform efficiently.

Examine the refrigerant level

Correct refrigerant levels are required to cool air efficiently. When there is insufficient refrigerant, your cooling system will work harder to achieve the necessary temperature. That causes damage and shortens the life of the cooling equipment.

Cleaning condensate drain line

A professional will inspect and clean the condensate line to prevent obstructions caused by debris or a buildup of mold or algae. If a clog is not removed, it can cause floods or even stop your air conditioner from working. A clogged condensate drain can also produce an unpleasant odor.

Thermostat testing

Thermostat testing is essential for maintaining optimal comfort levels in your house. During your AC preventative maintenance, a professional will test the thermostat to determine if it is properly adjusted to guarantee that your home has adequate cooling levels as summer approaches.

Dirty fan blades

Dirty fan blades can result in several problems, including early motor failure and increasing operational costs. It can also result in inconvenient shutdowns due to a lack of airflow, poor dehumidification in cooling mode, and failed AC compressors.

Air flow problems

When the flow of air is obstructed, your system will work harder. That can be caused by ducts that are not correctly aligned, blocked registers and vents, and clogged filters. A faulty or broken fan can also limit airflow.

Professional maintenance visits keep the air flowing and can help you extend the life of your AC system and keep it running efficiently. If you are looking for reliable repair or AC replacement in Whitesville, KY, contact Four Seasons Heating & Cooling, Inc. for help.