AC Repair In Whitesville, KY

Professional AC Repair in Whitesville, KY

When you experience issues with your air conditioning, we offer professional AC repair in Whitesville, KY. At Four Seasons Heating & Cooling, Inc., we provide a wide range of HVAC services for our customers. 

AC Repair In Owensboro, Whitesville, Lewisport, KY, and Surrounding Areas

We have a few pieces of advice for concerned homeowners. We use industry best practices to inspect your AC system, complete repairs, and provide you with quality results.

How Does Your AC System Work?

The AC system in your home is either ductless or connects to the ductwork behind the walls. A ductless unit can sit along the wall or hang on the wall. The central HVAC system has a furnace that houses the blower and connects to the condenser. The vents are easy to see, and the unit is generally in the basement, crawl space, or a utility closet.

You may feel like your AC is having issues because the air does not cool down when you turn the unit on. You might also notice that no air is coming through the vents, or you might notice a light flashing on the front of the furnace when you inspect it yourself.

We do not recommend that customers attempt any repairs on their own. Contact our team at Four Seasons Heating & Cooling, Inc., and we will send a local expert to your home as soon as possible.

What Is Our AC Repair Process?

When we arrive for AC repair, we start with a full inspection of the AC unit and the surrounding systems. We will check for any issues that might be causing your problems, and we even take pictures if necessary so that the homeowners can see the problem. Some of the items that we check include the vents, ducts, wiring, thermostat, furnace, condenser, and hoses or gas lines.

We will give you an estimate for the repairs and explain how the work should be done. You can approve the estimate, consider your options, or work with us to divide the estimate into affordable payments. We understand that affordability is always a concern, so we give you pricing up front before making any repairs. There are no surprises after the work begins.

At times, we use parts that we bring on the truck. If necessary, we special order parts for delivery to your home. We inspect and test the system before repairs are complete, and you are welcome to ask questions at any time.

Symptoms of a Faulty AC System

When you experience issues with your AC system, you may notice symptoms that point to larger issues. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can inspect and repair the system. Even if something is only slightly “off”, we are happy to take a look.

  • Random Humidity: Your home might be humid in the summer, but you feel the humidity gets worse when you turn on the AC. If the AC unit is running very cold, condensation can form throughout the house. If you do not notice the condensation right away, you might smell or see mold and mildew.
  • An Odd Smell: You might have an odd smell coming through the vents that points to an issue with the AC unit. Some people might smell burning, or you might smell another strange odor from something sitting in the vents for quite a while. If we find broken parts, we can repair the HVAC system quickly. We may also find animal droppings and will recommend further assistance from another professional.
  • Faulty Thermostat: If the thermostat is not working or the unit does not start when you adjust the temperature, let us know. Replacing the thermostat may not solve your problem if you have other issues with the wiring, AC unit, motherboard, etc.
  • Loud Banging Noises: When you hear loud banging noises, turn off the unit immediately. Contact us right away so that we can send a local expert to service your unit.
  • No Airflow: If the system is working but air is not passing through the vents, turn off the unit. You could waste quite a lot of power and see your power bill skyrocket because you are still running the HVAC system even though it is not working properly.

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