What Should You Check If Your Furnace Isn’t Working?

What do you do if your furnace unit has a breakdown in the winter season? The first idea that comes to mind is calling for professional HVAC services and getting an emergency repair. It can also be a minor issue that does not necessarily require a professional.

Common issues to check when your furnace isn't working

  • Check air filters

Dirty filters are the most common cause of furnace malfunctions. These clogged air filters restrict the airflow causing your heater exchanger to overheat and the entire system to shut down suddenly.

Since the air supply through the blower motor is blocked, it keeps running unnecessarily, and the system suffers huge wear and tear.

  • Check thermostat

If your furnace isn’t working and your filters are not clogged, you should check your thermostat next. It could be the problem of batteries or dirt accumulated in the thermostat panel.

You can try turning the thermostat off and setting it around 5 degrees higher to see if it works. Replacing the batteries might also solve the issue.

  • Check ducts for leaks

The warm air from the furnace is circulated via the air ducts, and the dampers control the airflow. So, if the air ducts are blocked, you need to remove the debris.

If no air is blowing through these ducts, holes or cracks might be the reason for warm air escaping in between the route. Hire a professional to fix the issue. Always remember to check the ductwork during the furnace installation in Owensboro, KY.

  • Check pilot light

In older furnaces, a pilot light was used as an indicator of carbon monoxide’s presence. If your furnace has a pilot light, make sure it is lit and yellow, which indicates the absence of carbon monoxide in the air.

However, if the light goes blue, it indicates the presence of toxic carbon monoxide. Leave your house and seek professional help immediately.

  • Check gas supply

Most modern furnaces run on gaseous fuels such as natural gas and propane. These gases are ignited at the burner to produce a consistent flame that produces heat at the heat exchanger.

So, watch out for the gas valve, which might be accidentally shut, blocking the gas supply to the burner. Without the gas, your furnace won’t run, and there will be no warm air.

  • Check for power

If you have come back from outside and see your furnace isn’t on, it could be because you turned it off before going out. Also, check the circuit breaker, power switch, and fuse to ensure all the connections are on.


If you have checked all the parts and your furnace is still not working, it is time to call for furnace repair in Owensboro, KY. DIY might not work if the repairs are major, so contact the best HVAC services in your area for assistance.

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