When Do You Need A Heating Inspection?

Heating systems work excessively in the winter to keep the indoor environment warm and cozy. However, excessive and exhaustive work can increase the chances of developing a fault in the system, and your system will start to malfunction.

Malfunctioning can lead to inefficient services, and it even breaks down if the problem becomes more severe. The furnace repair in Owensboro, KY, recommends calling the heating inspection service when you feel that your heating system is working irregularly.

Signs that your heating system needs heating inspection

Below are some signs that indicate you need to call a technician to inspect your system to look for what is causing the trouble:

  • Insufficient warmth

Suppose you feel that your heating system delivers warmth according to the thermostat’s temperature or it takes time to reach the desired temperature. In that case, it is better to get an inspection done.

  • Frequent breakdowns

Have you noticed that your heating system shuts down in the middle of the operation? Even though it does not break down frequently, it is better to get it inspected because it means that there is an issue with the compressor or AC capacitor.

  • Age of the unit

An old heating system needs to be inspected and maintained once a year. Old systems are prone to developing issues and faults more easily than recently installed ones. A heating system works for 15-20 years, so if it’s just been 7-8 years, it is best to enroll in annual maintenance services by furnace replacement in Whitesville, KY.

  • Strange noise

All HVAC systems produce noise when processing and working to increase the indoor temperature. However, if your system starts to make loud, disturbing, and unusual noise, it is better to call the technician for an inspection. There is a repair issue needed if the sound resembles screeching, rattling, or squealing noise.

  • Poor air quality

Apart from making the indoors comfortable and convenient, HVAC systems are also responsible for maintaining indoor air quality. Call the furnace installation in Owensboro, KY, if you see a sudden increase in the dust on the furniture.

What happens in the heating inspection?

Here is a brief description of how the technician will conduct a heating inspection:

  • Check the capacitors for leakage, damage, or rust buildup.
  • Survey the crankcase heater for appropriate functioning.
  • Replace the air filter to regulate the airflow.
  • Examine the blower motor and fan and record the AMP draw to ensure they are not consuming excessive electricity.
  • Inspect the gas lines, electrical wiring, and connection for leakage or worn-down signs.
  • Examine the heat exchanger for faults and clean it for smooth working.

A heating inspection is necessary for your heating system for safe operations

Our furnace replacement in Whitesville, KY, suggests you get a heating inspection annually to have peace of mind that your heater is operating safely.

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